Het gaat om de site http://www.libertarian.to

Kennelijk is dit een "Denial of Service" die veel bezoekers tercht
als zeer hinderlijk ervaren. Waar die attack vandaan komt,
is ons nog een raadsel.
Het probleem is maar wat je er aan kunt doen!

Hier volgt het bericht dat de server ons vandaag stuurde:
As many of you are aware, HostSave experienced
a severe Denial of Service (DOS) attack last week
resulting in slowness, and in some cases
unavailability, of HostSave’s website services.

We have improved the performance of the network
and it has now returned to normal capacity.
[Volgens ons is het nog steeds niet helemaal goed]

We will continue to monitor its performance to ensure
that it remains at normal levels.

While malicious DOS attacks of this magnitude
are rare, they are not predictable and are difficult
to prevent. However, we continue to evaluate the
impact of this attack and we have implemented
a number of initiatives that will allow us to better
address these types of attacks in the future.

We understand and share your frustration
with this problem and we’d like to thank you
for your patience and understanding. If you’d
like more information, or if you have any
further questions, please feel free to contact
us via our website at www.hostsave.com.
Peter Chambers, CEO
Affinity Internet, Inc