Op dinsdag 9 december is er in Brussel een lezing van het Ludwig von Mises Instituut gevolgd door een buffet/diner.Onderwerp: Challenges of new ecologist enterprises in a problematic environment.

Spreker: Freiherr G.von Puttkamer, director of Aktum Vertrieb AG.

Toegang gratis. Aanvang 18.30 uur

Volledige uitnodiging zie verder.

The president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute {LVMI} Europe is delighted to invite you

to the Institutes Lecture in Brussels on Tuesday 9 December 2003 at 18.30 pm., followed by a buffet /dinner.

The venue for this lecture is le Cercle Royal Gaulois, Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Brussels.

Title of the speech: Challenges of new ecologist enterprises in a problematic environment.

Speaker: Freiherr G.von Puttkamer, director of Aktum Vertrieb AG.

The buffet /dinner provides a good opportunity for Members and Guests to discuss, in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, current ideas about the future direction of Europe at the political and economic level.

Explanation of the subject:

Since the Kyoto Conference in 1997, EU countries need to reduce their CO2 emission with about 8 %. Therefore the German government stimulates new enterprises, who try new methods to win energy.Because the oldfashioned energy producers like coal, oil and gass are not inexhaustible, more and more entrepreneurs are going to use the sun, water, wind, warmth of the earth and biomass.Because of these stimulating measures of the German government, these starting enterprises are profitable and competitive.

By organizing this lecture, the Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe creates the opportunity, that an expert in the field of ecological enterprises can explain how these enterprises function and what the advantages are.As we all know, the appearance of enterprises and entrepreneurs has been changed in the last decades and one of these changes is the ” bio-industry”.

Therefore it will be a fascinating opportunity to learn more about this topic and how industrial processes can be more efficient and challenging.

This event is free of charge.

Please notify the president of the VMI Europe if you are not able to attend (after application) at least two days before the dinner debate.

The lecture will be in German with simultaneous translation in English.

RSVP by December 5, 2003

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