We hebben een uitnodiging van Todd Kruse, manager van TCS, TechCenterStation, om een dag naar Brussel te komen.

Todd mailt ons:

“If any Dutch activists want to attend this event I will pay for their train, meal, taxis, etc. expenses.

University students especially journalism students are welcome — perhaps someone could use the free trip to Brussels to do some other networking meetings and for our free lunch!! 🙂

Thanks, Todd”

Given Ireland’s implementation of the ban on public smoking please consider attending and/or inviting your colleagues to our next “Hayek Series” debate which is set for 12 noon on Tuesday, 6 April, at Residence Palace in Brussels. The invitation details follow below and are attached.


All eyes on Ireland’s smoking ban

Smoking bans are becoming more common

Ireland became the first country in Europe on Monday to impose an outright ban on smoking in workplaces.

BBC News Online examines whether smoking bans are justified.

Controversy has surrounded the introduction of laws prohibiting public smoking in places like California and New South Wales and there is still debate over whether they work.

Supporters say they prevent passive smoking, encourage smokers to quit and prevent people taking up the habit, while opponents argue they damage business and are ineffective.

But once it is clear how the ban has worked in Ireland it is thought there may be a “domino effect” across Europe

I look forward to seeing you there.

Sincerely, Todd Kruse