Sofia, Bulgarije, LI-spring convention.

Wie komt er ook naar Sofia op 2 – 3 April?

Op 2 – 3 April is in Sofis de Libertarian International Voorjaarsconventie.

Met de positieve herinneringen aan de vorige conventie in 2004 in LEIDEN, geven we iedereen in overweging te denken over een deelname in dit jaar in Sofia.

Hier de korte aankondiging op de L I site:


On 2 – 3 April, 2005, in Bulgaria,

Bulgaria is a country which for one half of a century walked the road to serfdom to its very end. During that time the communist leveling machine leveled all individuals despite their desires. The State existed for its own sake, the Government – for the sake of authority, and violence – for the sake of violence. Freedom was slavery. War was peace. Ignorance was power.

Bulgaria could become a future EU-Country. The convention is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, to learn about Bulgaria and inform Bulgarian participants about our EU-experiences.

This of course besides lectures and discussions about other actual subjects.

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