1. Tsja, met 30.000 echtscheidingen per jaar in Nederland is het misschien maar goed ook dat het sprookje zo afloopt. Kan op de lange termijn onze rechters een hoop rompslomp besparen.

  2. And thus, he married the alcohol.
    That made him forget his desire for a woman that really loved him, and could forgive his hunting, fishing and golf-playing.

  3. [3] Fuck it man, it’s easy to get depressed about not being married when we live in a society that constantly feeds us the image of the happy couple. It’s one big lie. The happiest person alive is someone who isn’t a prisoner dependent on another human being… We only have 80 or so years on this rock to achieve true freedom

    A few years ago I went through a major depression over this until I started talking to all the older guys I knew…and they all said the same thing; "don’t do it, it’s shit. Even when it’s not bad, it’s shit". You end up being closely tied to an old woman. Think about that. I can go to Europe or the south seas tomorrow. If I was married I wouldn’t have the money and I’d have to ask HER permission. Don’t get married unless you are absolutely religiously in love with her. Like carry her sick aged body to the toilet and wipe her ass and be happy to do it kind of love.

    Wijze woorden van ervaringsdeskundigen.



  4. [4]All seems so perfect. You’ve dated for months or even years. You’ve shared both the good times and the bad times. You’ve endured commitment. You love each other unconditionally. Marriage seems like the only logical next step right? After all, it was meant to be…
    The next thing you know, you’re a bitter, romantically deprived, sexless, emotional disaster. That ring on your finger feels like a garrote around your neck. You feel as though you’ve been herded into mental slavery. You think back to your wedding day and that walk down the isle doesn’t seem so pristine anymore. In fact, it feels as though that walk was like that of a deathrow inmate on his way down the prison corridor for the last time. That’s right. Your married and half the time you’re wishing you were dead , the other half wishing it was your spouse. What happened to all the rhetoric about the everlasting bond and life-long joy of married life?

    The greatest myth ever to deceive humanity is the myth of marriage. We’ve all been duped into believing that marriage is the end-all remedy to our loneliness; that tying the knot is a mandatory function we all must seek during our brief tenure on earth. Wake up people! It’s time to face the chilling reality. Marriage isn’t a cure for our want of companionship, it’s the disease of imprisonment.

    Therefore, fret not then, single person. You are endowed through your sound judgment the freedom that so many married victims only dream of embracing again. Stay free, stay empowered, stay single!!

  5. Sometimes, people refer to the "freedom" of unmarried life. This is often mistaken as the freedom to have impulsive, unattached sexual escapades. In fact, most of us know that such behavior is irresponsible and dangerous.

    More practically, unmarried frequent sexual freedom is generally unachievable for most people. It really only exists in television and adult movies. In fact, the sexual freedom of singledom is mostly the freedom to spend evenings calling 1-900 numbers, watching porn, and coming up with clever new nicknames for adult chat rooms ("Hello, Welhung Johnson").

    Really, post-nuptial sexual freedom is a pretty minimal issue. The real freedom lost is a much larger and more serious concern.

    It is the freedom to get through a day without having to debate, discuss, and defend every damn little decision you make.

    I am quite serious about this. Unmarried people cannot possibly imagine what it is like.

    Consider a typical unmarried person’s day: On the way home from work, he/she decides to stop off at the grocery store and pick up something to eat. Perhaps instead of the grocery store, the unmarried person decides to stop in at a restaraunt and spend a few bucks for a convenient, tasty, prepared meal. Either way, the decision is made quickly and with no accountability to anyone else.

    This is simply not possible for a married person. A married person making the same decision must call the spouse, ask if he/she needs anything from the store, wait for a list, answer the question what time he/she will be home, listen to any complaints or problems that popped up during the day, etc.

    And woe to the married person who doesn’t call first. Decide to blow off the grocery store and just grab a burger and there will be hell to pay — "Why didn’t you ask if I wanted to go? Why didn’t you tell me you would be late?"

    Realize this: Once you get married, you will never be able to make a decision for yourself without explaining it and/or defending it. Anything you do can and will be called into question. You are now 100% accountable to somebody else for your every thought and action.

    And it’s not just evening meal choices — oh no. Your weekend plans, the television channels you watch, even your friends are now all fair game. You will have to defend personal choices that you never imagined would be questioned. You will have to defend personal choices that are, frankly, nobody else’s damn business. And you had better defend your choices well or they will be changed to your spouse’s choices.

    I’m not advising against marriage. I am simply providing the information I wish someone had given me. No matter how happy the marriage appears, there will always be a battle of wills raging beneath the surface.

    To the married people reading this: I’m sorry to shatter the illusion.

    To the unmarried people reading this: You have been warned.

  6. Cincinnatus,

    Het lijkt wel alsof je wat probeert te bewijzen, . . . maar volgens mij meer aan jezelf dan aan anderen.

    Case-studies van gefrustreerde (ex-)depressieven lijken mij niet overtuigend.

    Het hoofdstuk over marriage uit "The Millionaire Mind" geeft een heel ander beeld.

  7. [9] Zapf,

    Nou…voor mezelf hoef ik hierover niks meer te bewijzen daar ik mijn mening
    over het onderwerp al lang heb gevormd.

    En zoals al m’n stukjes zijn ook deze
    "ter leringhe en vermaeck"…als je er
    wat mee kunt, des te beter maar anders
    moet je er maar es mee lachen en ze snel de prullenmand inkieperen.



    P.S. The milllionaire mind heb ik niet gelezen.Bodo Schafer is m’n money-goeroe ­čÖé

  8. [10] Vraagje: ben je ooit getrouwd geweest en gescheiden?
    Zoniet, heb je ooit wel eens een serieuze relatie gehad?

    Je hoeft er niet op te antwoorden hoor en het is helemaal niet mijn bedoeling er 20 astrante posts aan te wijden, maar ik vroeg me gewoon af wat de achtergrond was van iemand die zo fanatiek tegen het huwelijk postte.


  9. [11] eM,

    Fanatiek ?

    Nou nee, ik wijd er om de zoveel maanden es een paar postings aan.


  10. [12] Dat laat de vraag onbeantwoord. Maar goed, ik respecteer je privacy.


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