Bridgett Wagner van de Hertige Foundation stuurde ons een belangrijke mail, met uittreksels, over een nieuw rapport over de gevaren van de EU, met in het bijzonder de verhoudingen van de EU met de USA.

Hieronder de drie belangrijke hoofdstukken die u niet mag missen!

Dit is te belangrijk om op vertalingen te wachten om dit aan onze lezers te presenteren, maar we vragen wel, net als Bridgett, of er lezers zijn die (een deel) zouden willen vertalen.

Geef dan even een bericht aan

The Heritage Foundation recently published a Special Report, a Backgrounder, and a Lecture discussing various aspects of the European Union, the EU Constitution, and EU-US Relations (summaries and links below). Please let us know if you are interested in translating any portion of the documents.

“Is the E.U. America’s Friend or Foe?”…
The EU Constitution: Will Europe Force a Way Forward?…
“Is the European Union in the Interests of the United States?”…

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Is the E.U. America’s Friend or Foe?
by John Blundell, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, London, England, Heritage Lecture # 983 PDF
December 22, 2006

“On May 1, 2004, ten new countries, with a com¬bined population of 74 million, became members of the European Union, bringing the total E.U. popula¬tion to 454 million. This means that the E.U. now has a population more than 50 percent larger than that of the United States. And with Romania and Bulgaria joining on January 1, 2007, another 30 million will take that to 484 million. The European Union now stretches from the Latvi¬an-Russian border in the east to Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland, and from the Arctic wastes of Fin¬land and Sweden in the north to Cyprus in the south. The question which I wish to pose is: Is the E.U. America’s friend or-dare I say it-foe?”…


The EU Constitution: Will Europe Force a Way Forward?
by Sally McNamara, Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs, Margaret Thatcher Center For Freedom, The Heritage Foundation
Backgrounder # 1991 PDF, December 14, 2006

“The recent demise of the anti-American Schroeder-Chirac partnership has allowed for renewed optimism in Washington about relations between the United States and the European Union (EU). However, the reemergence of the draft EU constitution represents a fundamental threat to American interests far more profound than the hostility of any one European leader. This draft constitution challenges U.S. strategic, diplomatic, judicial, and military interests. It enshrines modish and ephemeral values as supreme law for 25 separate nation-states with the intention of fully globalizing its lofty and elite-driven policies. The United States needs to recognize the threat posed by Brussels’ drive to centralize huge swathes of public policy as having significant negative implications for America and respond to that threat by applying appropriate diplomatic pressure to ensure that U.S. interests are upheld within the transatlantic alliance…”…


Is the European Union in the Interests of the United States?
Conference Transcript, Special Report # 10 PDF
September 22, 2006

* This paper is a transcript of a conference held June 28, 2005 which was cosponsored by The Heritage Foundation, Global Britain, Hudson Institute and Discovery Institute; to view in entirety, please download the PDF

Contributors include:
Senator Gordon Smith, United States Senator for Oregon
Lord Pearson of Rannoch, House of Lords
The Rt. Hon. David Heathcoat-Amory MP, House of Commons
Daniel Hannan, MEP, Member of the European Parliament
Yossef Bodansky, Former Director, Congressional Task Force against Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare
Kenneth R. Weinstein, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Hudson Institute
Judge Robert H. Bork, Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute
Ian Milne, Director, Global Britain
Mark Ryland, Vice President, Discovery Institute
Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Research Professor of History, Institute of World Politics
Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D., Vice President, Davis Institute for International Studies, The Heritage Foundation
Becky Norton Dunlop, Vice-President for External Relations, The Heritage Foundation
Edwin Meese III, Chairman, Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation…