zondag, 8 mei 2011
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Dear Friends of Liberty,

The International Society for Individual Liberty and Libertarian International form the largest network of freedom-loving individuals in the world. Together with our enthusiastic partners, the Italian Students for Individual Liberty, we invite you to the ISIL 2011 World Conference, to be held 29 August – 2 September on the idyllic island of Vulcano, off the coast of Sicily

Expect a memorable event. Catch up there with foreign friends. Meet new ones. Recharge your moral batteries. Draw inspiration from speakers at the cutting edge of libertarian philosophy. This is going to be a firework of ideas and a lot of fun.

They are going to be there, the intellectual heavy-hitters you love, Antonio Martino, Tom Palmer, Mary Ruwart, Ken Schoolland, … together with young, exciting thinkers, Mark Pennington, Nicola Ianello, Josie Appleton, Valérie Hartwich, Detlev Schlichter…, pushing the boundaries, exploring radical scenarios, exploding ideas into your life.

It’s going to be thrilling. But also, after the intense sessions, step outside of the friendly hotel, be still, and take in the magic beauty of this island where we’ll be staying, which the Ancients believed hid the forge of the gods.

 Ignite your mind this Summer. Join us in Vulcano at the ISIL 2011 World conference.

 The ISIL Board, International Society for Individual Liberty
Libertarian International, Italian Students for Individual Liberty



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How to Get There


Post Conference Discovery of the Lipari, or Aeolian, Islands

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