Christian Michel, de voorzitter van LI stuurt nog een persoonlijke uitnodiging om twijfelende personen nog over de streep te trekken.” Deze poging ondersteun ik graag want de vele LI-conferenties die ik in het verleden meegemaakt heb, waren stuk voor stuk de moeite waard.”(Hub)
An invite from Christian to attend the Libertarian International Conference in Vulcano, 29 August-2 September
I don’t know about you, but being in the company of intelligent individuals, on a sunny Mediterranean island, discussing major and minor issues of life, sounds like an ideal break from everyday life. The opportunity exists. Libertarian International is co-organising a conference on the island of Vulcano, off Sicily, between 29 August and 2 September, followed, if you wish, by three days of sailing, swimming, snorkelling or simply sitting in the sun with a drink, a book or a friend.

There will be talks, of course, or it wouldn’t be a conference. Many luminaries of the libertarian movement will be enlightening us about the financial crisis, the environment, the Middle East, immigration, and trends in our society. The speakers we invited represent different strands of liberalism, participants will come from all over Europe and beyond, there will be students, scholars, professionals, artists, so expect vibrant discussions long into the warm nights.

I have designed a Conference website where you will find information about the speakers, the venue, the spectacular island, and how to get there. You can register online. Please do. It’s nice to make new friends, even nicer to be with old ones. And travel conditions are more favourable when you book early.

I look forward to welcoming you at the Libertarian International 2011 Conference