Op de avond van 16 januari wordt een Ayn Rand happening georganiseerd die u niet mag missen als u maar enigszins de kans ziet om er in Amsterdam aan deel te nemen.


Voor meer informatie zie:

Feestelijke Nederlandse première Atlas shrugged in Filmtheater de Uitkijk te Amsterdam op 16 januari






  1. “In his book Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk, Neil Postman states that “the key to all fanatical beliefs is that they are self-confirming….(some beliefs are) fanatical not because they are ‘false’, but because they are expressed in such a way that they can never be shown to be false.”

    Sadly this seems to be the case with a large portion of Ayn Rand fans, they either fail to acknowledge the time period the book was written in or they are “fans” of the 1950 period causing a absurdly positive view on that time period, a view that is not consistent with the reality.

    Stop obsessing over a bunch of old books, history is full of examples as to “why” this would be a bad idea.

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