PocFest Is Coming

Registration is open for the 2012 Porcupine Freedom Festival!

The 9th annual PorcFest will be this June, from the 18th to the 24th.

Register online before April 17th and you may win some silver rounds. One Very Important Porcupine will get their choice of either a 1oz FSP silver round, or two 1/2 oz Legalize It silver rounds, and one Adult registrant will receive the other. If you’ve already registered online, congratulations you’re in the running.

A brief message from the main organizers, Sharon & Jason Osborne

We are very excited about organizing PorcFest 2012. Not only do we have a great set of volunteers and helpers working to make this year educational and fun, but we already have quite a lineup of speakers and events including economist Bob Murphy, secessionist Bill Buppert, Freedom’s Phoenix, Free Talk Live, NH liberty activists, mixers and a family day. We also have favorite events returning like the One-Pot Meal Cook-Off sponsored by the Liberty Ladies of NH, Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party, and the Bardo Pig Roast. A new type of registration is available this year, the VIP, or Very Important Porcupine. For only $100, you receive general admission, a special invitation to the Donor Dinner, and access to the VIP Lounge. Also, be sure and contact Roger’s Campground directly to book your campsite.

If you’ve attended before you may remember the One-Pot Cook-Off, sponsored by the Liberty Ladies of New Hampshire. This will be the 6th annual One-Pot Cook-Off.

Don’t let your friends out-cook you! Compete against your fellow porcupines for LARGE CASH prizes and bragging rights! No entry fees for contestants, just cook up your best ‘one-pot’ main dish and let the judges at it!

Eating is more your thing? Come out to cast your vote. $8.00 to dine/judge (under 5 years eat FREE).

Register today, to compete or judge. Please visit our Facebook event page “PorcFest 2012 Cook-Off” or email Edi Swearingen for more details – edi@sugargroup.net.

Don’t delay! This event sells out and you don’t want to miss it!

Do you love Freedom? Do you love Bacon? Do you want to express both feelings on the same t-shirt?

Announcing the limited edition Porcfest 2012 shirt. We’re giving away a BACONer’s dozen to the first 13 who donate $100 or more. The porcupines have graffiti’d our pretty Porcfest shirts with some nonsense about bacon. We must get rid of these now ruined shirts (at least porcupines can spell better than cows) before we can start printing the official 2012 T-shirt so help us out and become a Porcfest sponsor today.

Send your donation (of any size!) to merchandise@freestateproject.org. Be sure to include “BACON” and your t-shirt size in the comments if you donate $100 or more. If you hate Paypal, contact jason.osborne@porcfest.com to arrange alternative payment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to express your love of bacon and liberty.

Thanks to Liberty Forum Participants

Huge THANK YOU to all the sponsors, vendors, speakers and attendees of the 2012 Liberty Forum. It was a huge success and the biggest event held yet. John Bush and Jeffery Tucker set the proper tone with a great opening. There were talks on Bitcoin, School Choice, Marijuana reform, and more.
Peter Schiff gave a great investment seminar and followed up with an Amazing keynote speech.
Joel Salatin packed the room on Saturday night and told us about the abuses of the US ‘DUH’.

If you have comments or questions (or how to make it better… email libertyforum@freestateproject.org )

Check the Liberty Forum Facebook page for videos as they appear.
Stayed tuned for details regarding 2013 Liberty Forum.

Free State Project participant interviewed on Fox Business News about the Free State Project

Representative Cameron DeJong was interviewed by Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Fox Business show Freedom Watch about the New Hampshire Primary and the Free State Project.

Action of the Month

Tax day is quickly approaching. The IRS demands that you spend a lot of time filling out a bunch of paper work or pay someone else to do it for you. What do you get as a reward? You get to pay the IRS out of every check and possibly even more money on or around April 15th. It is a very frustrating process. You might know someone that is annoyed with the hassle and loss of their hard earned money.

On the bright side, this is a great opening to tell someone about the Free State Project. Surely you know at least one person that complains about this process. Mention that people are doing something about it. Explain that people are voting for lower taxes with their feet by moving to personal income tax and general sales tax free New Hampshire. Explain how people are working to reduce the already low taxes in NH. Share the FSP website, Facebook page or Facebook group with them.

Feel free to make suggestions or comments on the FSP Forum.


  1. @Anno Zijlstra [1]:

    Goede politieke reclamefilm eenzijdig voor Obama met als summum de overwinning van Amerikaanse natie toen ze Bin Laden doodgeschoten hadden.

    Dit moet de goede luisteraar wel overtuigen van hoe belangrijk het is te werken aan een FREE STATE. En daarbij aan de vervanging van Obama.

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