Het is beslist verstandig om ook op een vrolijke wijze naar ernstige zaken te kijken.  Dat Henk en zijn orkest er zo tegenaan kijken, ziet u in onderstaande  video en het transcript:





I am a normal person just like you

The only difference is

That I check every story in de newspapers, radio and TV

And see what others say about it on the internet

I read a lot of books and see a lot documentaries at YouTube

I see the world totally different then what THEY want us to believe

Now I know that our money system is the biggest pyramid scheme ever

Now I know that our DEMOCRATIC leaders are no more then marionettes

Dangling on the lines of the bankers at the Bilderberg meetings

The most shocking of all is ….

That the cause, cure and prevention of many diseases are known for almost 100 years
Diseases like diabetes, hart disease and cancer

Can this song be the motivation to start looking for the truth yourself

The future is to dose who make we’ll informed decisions!


Song lyrics

Leaders leave the stage
To end a long dark age
Move like puppets on a string.
And the world is suffering
The world is not what you see
But truth will set you free
You don’t get peace by fighting wars
Let us make a stand and heal the scars

Refr: Hope comes in the dark
Just ignite that spark
The future will be bright
After dark, comes the light
Now it’s time to act
To make a stand and seal the pact
And our future could be bright
‘Cause I can see the light

The world is changing fast
Freedom will come at last
It’s crystal clear to see
So leave the powers that be
‘cause fear and terror is their game
They rule the world without shame
You don’t get peace by fighting wars
Let us make a stand and heal the scars

Now it’s the time to awake
For you and me and our children’s sake

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Ingezonden door Henk Mutsaers