1. “You think male hierarchies are predicated on power? You really think that? They are when they’ve gone rotten. But when the’re not rotten, that’s not what they are predicated on at all.

    The capacity to excercise power is important. You need that to be admirable and intimidating, like you could be a badass SOB. But people socialize to survive. When you’re in a team, the succesful guys, you know they have got your back.

    If you aspire to a leadership position among those men and you aren’t someone they know to have your back, they are not following and you are not going to make it.”

    ~ Jordan Peterson

  2. Méér Jordan Peterson on equality,
    vanaf 14:00 min:

    “You hear the egalitarion clarion call everywhere. Everything should be equal, everything should be equally distributed. We should strive for equity. It’s like: Wrong!

    What we want are just hierachies of competence. Not everyone’s a neural surgeon. If your father has a brain tumor, you want a hierarchie of competence for brain surgeons, so you can pick the one that is the best. So that he might not die. That’s what a hierarchie of competence is for.

    We need the best plumbers, we need the best contractors, we need the best lecturers. There has to be a hierarchie of quality. If you have a great educator, if you have a great leader, if you have a great thinker, you want to reward them properly, so they keep thinking, they keep educating, so they can tell you something. It’s not a reward for their intrinsic being, it’s a calculated move on your part to suck everything out of them that’s valuable as fast as you can. That’s what a hierarchie of competence is for.”

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