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  1. Tucker Carlson snapt de betekenis van freedom of speech. Je spreekt met iedereen, je luistert naar zijn/haar argumenten en je laat het bezinken, je gaat er op Kouwen, je laat het door je hoofd spoken. Vervolgens reageer je

    Sommige platvloerse ‘libertariers’ snappen dit niet. En denken dat ze iedereen de mond moeten snoeren die iets ‘links’ denkt, of zegt, per ongeluk.

    Het liefst zouden ze de ME op je afsturen, als je kritiek uit op kapitalistische/liberale theorie

    • “Sommige platvloerse ‘libertariers’ snappen dit niet”

      Daar zou ik mij weinig van aantrekken. Hun artikelen niet lezen en niet op reageren. Kunnen ze fijn met zichzelf in discussie gaan in hun solipsistische liberwappie tuinhuis. Misschien moeten ze deze website ook inwikkelen in ‘zilverpapier’? Helpt vast ook tegen andere meningen:

    • Precies

      De chemicus moet maar lekker jankerige stukjes schrijven over “de vrouwen” en dat Andrew tate het met hem eens is

      Middelbare school niveau. Pubertijd problematiek

      En dan reacties wissen als iemand het met je oneens is. Dat zou die Milei aap ook doen. Meteen een reactie wissen, als iemand “links” is

  2. The Russian state began to gather as centralized, it is considered a year the creation of the Russian state – 862, when Novgorodians – there is such a city of Novgorod in the north-west of the country – invited Prince Rurik from Scandinavia to the prince, from the Varangians. 862 year old. In 1862 Russia celebrated its 1000th anniversary statehood, and in Novgorod there is a monument dedicated 1000th anniversary of the country.

    In 882, the successor of Rurik, Prince Oleg, who performed, in fact, the functions of the regent in the young son Rurika, and Rurik died by this time, came to Kiev. He removed two brothers from power, who, apparently, were once members of the Ryurik squad, and thus Russia began to develop with two centers: in Kiev and in Novgorod.

    Next, a very significant date in the history of Russia, – 988. This is the Baptism of Russia when Prince Vladimir, this is the great-grandson of Rurik, baptized Russia and received Orthodoxy – Eastern Christianity. Since that time the beginning the centralized Russian state is being strengthened. Why? Common territory, single economic relations, one language and after the baptism of Russia – one faith and power prince. Central Russian begins to take shape state.

    But for various reasons after the introduction succession – also in ancient times, Middle Ages – Yaroslav the Wise, a little later, after he passed away, the succession was difficult, not transmitted directly from father to elder son, and from the prince who passed away, his brother, then sons on different lines. All this led to the fragmentation of Russia – of a single state, which began to take shape as one. Nothing this is not special, the same thing happened in Europe. But the fragmented Russian state has become easy prey to that the empire that Genghis Khan once created. His successors, Khan Batiy, came to Russia, plundered almost all cities ruined them. South the part where Kiev was, by the way, some other cities, they simply lost their independence, and the northern cities retained part of their sovereignty.They paid tribute to Horde, but part of sovereignty saved. And then with the center in Moscow, the beginning a single Russian state is taking shape.

    South part of the Russian lands, including Kiev, began gradually reach for another « magnet » – to the center that was developing in Europe. It was the Grand Lithuanian Principality. He was even called Lithuanian-Russian, because the Russians made up significant part of this state. They spoke ancient Russian, were Orthodox. But then the union of – the union of the Great princes of the Lithuanian and Polish kingdom. After for several years another union was signed already in the spiritual realm, and part Orthodox priests obeyed power Pope. So these lands were part of the Polish-Lithuanian state.

    But the Poles for decades engaged in the impoverishment of this part of the population: they introduced their language there, began to introduce the idea that these are not entirely Russian, that, since they live near the edge, they are Ukrainians. Initially, the word « Ukrainian » meant that man lives on the outskirts of the state, « near the edge », or is engaged in border service, in fact. It didn’t mean some special ethnic group.

    So here the Poles polished in every possible way and in principle treated this part of the Russian lands quite harshly, if not cruelly. All this led to, that this part of the Russian lands began to fight for their rights. And they wrote letters to Warsaw, demanding compliance with their rights so that people, including Kiev, are sent here…

  3. It was in the 13th century. I will now say what happened next, and I will name the dates so that there was no confusion.

    And in 1654, a little earlier, even – people who controlled power in this part Russian lands, appealed to Warsaw, I repeat, demanding that sent people of Russian origin and Orthodox faith. And when Warsaw is basically nothing did not answer and almost rejected these requirements, they began to turn to Moscow so that Moscow would take them to itself. You didn’t think that I came up with something, I will give you these documents…

  4. And yet – this documents from the archive, copies. Here are the letters of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, then man, who controlled power in this part of the Russians the lands that we now call Ukraine. He wrote to Warsaw demanding observance of their rights, and after I received refusal, began to write letters to Moscow with a request to take them under the strong hand of the Moscow king. Here [in folder] copies of these documents. I will leave them for you to good memory. There is a translation into Russian, then translate into English.

    Russia did not agree to accept them immediately, because proceeded from the fact that the war with Poland would begin. Still, in 1654, the Zemstvo Cathedral – it was a representative authority of the Ancient Russian state – the decision was made: this part of the ancient Russian lands became part of the Moscow kingdom.

    How and it was supposed that a war with Poland began. She walked for 13 years, then a truce was concluded. And in total, after the conclusion of this act of 1654, after 32 years, in my opinion, peace with Poland was concluded, « the eternal world », as it was then said. And these lands, all the left bank of the Dnieper, including Kiev, moved to Russia, and that’s it the right bank of the Dnieper remained with Poland.

    Then in the time of Catherine II, Russia returned all its historical lands, including south and west. This all went on until the revolution. And before the First World War, taking advantage of these ideas of Ukrainianization, Austrian general the headquarters very actively began to promote the idea of Ukraine and Ukrainianization. Everything is clear for what: because on the eve of the world war, of course, there was a desire to weaken potential adversary, there was a desire to create favorable conditions for yourself in the border strip. And this idea, born once in Poland that people, living in this territory, not quite Russians, they are supposedly a special ethnic group, Ukrainians, began to advance and the Austrian General Staff.

    Ascended and theorists of independence of Ukraine already in the 19th century, who spoke about the need for independence of Ukraine. But, true, all these « pillars » Ukrainian independence said that it should have very good relations with Russia, they insisted on it. However after the 1917 revolution the Bolsheviks tried restore statehood, unfolded Civil war, including [war] with Poland. Peace was signed with Poland in 1921, according to which the western part, on the right bank of the Dnieper, again went to Poland.

    In 1939, after Poland collaborated with Hitler, and Poland collaborated with Hitler, and Hitler offered – all the documents we have – with Poland to conclude peace, a treaty of friendship and alliance, but demanded that Poland give back Germany so called the Danzig Corridor, which connected the bulk of Germany with Königsberg and East Prussia. After the first World War II, this part of the territory was given to Poland, and instead of Danzig the city of Gdansk appeared. Hitler begged them to give peacefully – the Poles refused. Nevertheless collaborated with Hitler and engaged together section of Czechoslovakia.

  5. So, before World War II, when Poland collaborated with Germany, refused to comply with Hitler’s requirements, but nevertheless participated with Hitler in the Czechoslovakia section, but since she did not give the Danzig corridor the Poles forced, they played and forced Hitler start the Second World War with them. Why the war began on September 1 1939 from Poland? She turned out to be intractable. Hitler had no choice when implementing his plans, start with Poland.

    By the way, The Soviet Union – I read the archival documents – behaved very honestly, and the Soviet Union requested Poland’s permission to conduct its troops to help Czechoslovakia. But through the mouth of the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Poland’s affairs it was said that even if Soviet aircraft will fly towards Czechoslovakia through the territory of Poland, they will be shot down over the territory of Poland. Well, it doesn’t matter. And the important thing is that the war began, and now Poland itself has become a victim of the policy that was pursued in relation to Czechoslovakia, because according to the famous Molotov protocols – Ribbentrop part of these territories went to Russia, including Western Ukraine. Russia called the Soviet Union thus returned to its historical territories.

    After victory in the Great Patriotic War, like us we say this is World War II, all these territories were finally assigned to Russia, to the Soviet Union. And Poland, in order to compensate, is supposed to have received western, originally German, territories – eastern Germany, part of the land, this western Poland today. And, of course, they again returned the exit to the Baltic Sea, again returned Danzig, who began to be called in Polish. In this way this situation has developed.

    At the formation of the Soviet Union, this is already 1922, the Bolsheviks began to form the USSR and created Soviet Ukraine, which is still generally did not exist.

  6. t the same time, Stalin insisted that these republics, which were formed, be included as autonomous entities, but for some reason the founder of the Soviet state, Lenin, insisted on, so that they have the right to secede from the Soviet Union. And, too, for unknown reasons, he endowed the emerging Soviet Ukraine land, people living in these territories, even if they had never been called Ukraine before, for some reason, when forming, it was all « clicked » to the Ukrainian SSR, including the entire Black Sea region, which was received during the time of Catherine II and, in fact, had never had any historical attitude towards Ukraine.

    Even if we remember, we will come back, 1654, when these territories returned to the composition Russian Empire, there were three or four modern regions of Ukraine, no Black Sea there was close. There was simply nothing to talk about.

  7. So, Soviet Ukraine received a huge amount territories that never to her had no relationship, first of all, the Black Sea. They once, when Russia their received as a result of Russian-Turkish wars, called Novorossia. But that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Lenin, the founder of Soviet states, created Ukraine just like that. And for many decades as part of the USSR The Ukrainian SSR has developed, and the Bolsheviks, too for unknown reasons, engaged in Ukrainianization. Not only because there there were immigrants from Ukraine, in the leadership of the Soviet Union, but in general there was such policy – « rootization » it called. This concerned Ukraine and other union republics. National languages, national cultures were introduced, which in general, in principle, of course, is not bad. But in this way Soviet Ukraine was created.

    And after World War II, Ukraine received still part of not only Polish before the war territories – today Western Ukraine, part of the Hungarian territories and part of the Romanian. Romania and Hungary also took part of the territories, and they, these territories are part of Soviet Ukraine and are still there. Therefore, we have every reason to say, that, of course, Ukraine in a certain sense – artificial state created by will Stalin.


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