Duidelijke weergave van de EU situatie.

Even later kwam de bedreiging van Cyprus door Duitsland:
Germany to Cyprus: your banks might never re-open
Today @ 09:29Geplakt uit <http://euobserver.com/>
Germany has warned Cyprus the ECB will pull the plug on its two largest banks if there is no bailout programme, adding that the terms of the rescue will not be changed.





  1. Juist, dat is ook in Nederland heel sterk:
    Fascisme is de toestand waarin iedereen in naam eigenaar is van zijn spullen (inclusief zijn eigen lichaam) maar hij MOET er mee doen wat de roverheid eist, en mag er niets mee doen wat de roverheid niet goedkeurt!

  2. Denk er eens over na wat er zou gebeuren in Cyprus als de Euro daar geen waar monopolie had als wettig betaalmiddel. Zou dat meer keuzemogelijkheden en dus meer macht neerleggen bij de “man in de straat” ? En daardoor de macht bij de bank-bobo’s en de europeesche bobo’s verminderen ?

    Denk het wel.

  3. uit ZeroHedge
    Quote: ” What, though, if Russia refuses to bail the country out and Nicosia can find no other partners willing to help? Then the Cyprus situation would turn into a game of chicken: Who is more afraid of a Cypriot insolvency? Cyprus itself or the rest of the common currency area? Brussels, after all, is concerned that if Cyprus is allowed to fall, it could lead to a resumption of capital flight from other struggling euro-zone countries and rapidly spiralling sovereign bond rates for Italy and Spain.

    One thing, though, is clear. If the euro zone blinks in its game of chicken with mini-member Cyprus, it will be forfeiting many future duels as well.
    Geplakt http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/cyprus-no-to-bailout-deal-is-a-danger-to-the-euro-zone-a-889893.html

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  4. Dergelijke bankoverval zouden ze in de USA eens moeten doen daar is namelijk vele malen meer aan de hand, alleen zwijgt de msm dat dood en om de één of andere reden is men bezig de EU te slopen. Ten behoeve van een derde wereldoorlog die wij dan moeten uitvechten, misschien??

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  5. @Crisis [6]: Die derde WO is al aan de gang achter de schermen via cybercrime. Denk maar even aan zuid korea vandaag, is gehackt door noord korea. WOIII wordt denk ik niet fysiek uitgevochten maar met tech. En wat een pech, de pinautomaat doet het niet meer.

  6. Best Hub,

    Hierbij stuur ik je het plan B, waarmee de euro debet crisis in 1 klap is opgelost.

    Het hoeft niet in een bloedbad te eindigen. Er is een plan B.
    Dit plan (Beppe Grillo 1998) wilde ik graag aanbieden aan dhr Simon Wolfson die er een prijs voor uitgeloofd heeft.

    Hier is het stuk (sorry in het engels, maar jullie zijn dacht ik wel slim genoeg anders was je hier niet)

    “Dear Mister Wolfson,”

    Since you wrote out this contest, I hereby would like to offer you my solution to the World debt crisis and other major crisis as well.

    First let me say that my idea called I.E. (not Q.E. but I.E. which means Intelligent Easing or plan B) is quite unconventional and maybe even a bit radical, but it works.

    It will definitely end the Debt Crisis in Europe, America, Japan and the rest of the world for sure.
    If you allow me, I will explain to you how and why this will work and what the consequences are going to be. Here it comes.

    The solutions for the debt crisis is clean, easy, very simple, quick, and very very honest.

    From tomorrow (or the first of April 2013, but as soon as possible) ALL Euro DEBT will be erased.

    Yes, you read it well,

    All Euro debt world wide, will be Abolished.

    So, ALL Euro DEBT will be completely GONE and wiped out off the books and off the boards

    Fully Erased. Nobody owns anybody an euro penny anymore.
    Yes, you read it correctly.

    End of the world wide austerity story, no more bailout bazookas. troika visits, haircuts, bank holidays and wobbly private banks and collapsing economies or pure theft from the banks of Cyprus.

    NO MORE EURO NATIONS IN DEBT and all people back to dancing on the streets, no more austerity or privatizations’ of good companies anymore (Greek Harbors for cents on the Euro) .

    What? I hear you thinking….. “This geezer is nuts, this is impossible, who’s going to pay for this all?”

    Very simple…..

    The same people that brought us in this mess in the first place…..

    The private bankers and the very wealthy elite who have been scamming and robbing the people of the world for all these centuries.

    On the first of April, each country in the EU will introduce its own, state issued currency and we no longer will accept the “old” currencies as legal tender. So no more Dollar, Yen, Pound, Euro or any other currency that has been issued by a privately owned bank (almost all central banks).

    What we want is that Germany goes back to its State Marks, Italy to the State Lira, as do all the others that have the Euro.

    We must do it all on the same day, so we can keep trading with each other via internet (transparency and state controlled).
    America should in fact go back to the greenback status from before the independence war, but that’s an other story. And when John F. Kennedy proposed this idea, someone (one of the elite for sure) had him killed in Dallas Texas to prevent this plan from being even rolled out. (You can find the speech that cost JFK his live on Youtube).

    With other countries who still have privately owned money systems (at first, the rest of the world, but no worries) we will trade only on basis of swap and barter.

    Later, when they also issued their real “own” currencies we can do normal trade and have mutual bank accounts with state money.

    Please let us have a look at the consequences and the results:

    At first the people who brought us in this mess (private bankers) will loose all their wealth and therefore their power overnight. They have given us this Mickey Mouse money that they print out of thin air. Then they “lend” it out to our governments with interest (= the mass state deficits in all western countries) and we, the taxpayers, have to work hard and pay heavy taxes to repay this interest that has never been printed.
    (For who doesn’t believe this, please take the time to watch the jaw dropping documentary “Zeitgeist Addendum” on Youtube and you will understand the whole money scam).

    At second, all the institutes that do so much harm to the world will now be redundant. The IMF, the ECB, the FED, the World bank, the EU and the corporations, all these and other evil and destructive institutions will be useless overnight and can therefore be closed (saves trillions but much more important it will save lots of lives and prevent misery for millions of people and for the globe.)

    At third, and that’s the genius of the plan, not only all the criminal earned wealth from drugs deals, fraud, extortion, theft, prostitution and gambling will be worthless, but also “black” money, bribes, and corruption will be instantly gone.
    Thieves will be left with a worthless mountain of paper bills under their beds and nice shiny credit cards and big numbers on a computer screen. All the money they have honestly stolen and stashed away for years, will be completely worthless in a second.

    All bad guys like Robert Mugabe, Dominique Straus Kahn, Berlusconi, Bernanke and thousands of other “leaders” , politicians, bankers, royalties and even the Vatican.

    All of them will be penniless overnight. As will be the Mafia, the Drug Cartels and all other criminal syndicates, and of course the rich elite that has pushed us into this debt hell to begin with. The power comes back into the hands of the people and their real democracies where it belong.
    Plan I.E. gives absolute instant justice and exactly that, what I think, the European people want to see happen right now.
    Abandoning the privately issued currencies, will be ten or hundred times more successful to fight crime, than all these decades of law enforcement we have seen so far and for which we have paid so much tax money.

    At the fourth place, switching to national issues currencies will end inflation for ever. The state will control the amount of money in circulation and this will guarantee a steady value. A house bought for 100.000 will be sold for 100.000 after 50 years. Your 10.000 saved State coins will buy you a car today, and over 50 years it will still buy you a similar car.
    Since the introductions of the FED in 1913, the dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power. Could you buy a house for 2000 dollar in that year, the same house was sold for 100.000 dollar in 2012. Very strange, if you know that one of the main “reasons” for the existence of the FED is to control inflation…..NO JOKE. The FED failed dramatically and should go. There is no more inflation if we print our own money, we do NOT need the FED and al these other horror institutes, anymore and they can be closed and abolished tomorrow.

    The fifth advantage is the instant ending of speculation and manipulation as we know it today. More than 50% of the worlds GDP is generated by money and not by labor. That means that we have a situation in which “money” is making more money than all labor put together, by everyone in one single year. This, in my vision is absolutely perverse but luckily stops too, with the introduction of a state owned currency. It will stop all the food speculations that kill millions of people every year for which the bankers and the elite are directly responsible but will never be jailed for, since they hide behind their corporations and their stateless-ness. (Too big to fail, or too high to be jailed?)

    We would learn from history and therefore suggest all Euro nations (and maybe the individual American states too) to switch over to the Swiss political system, where the people decide by binding referenda.

    Swiss politicians are normally asked for the job of minister because they have proven to have specific qualities. They get paid a little for their work because it is considered an honor (as it should be) to serve their sovereign country of which they are proud. They are not doing it for a future job or a better paid job. In the EU circus where salary are tax free, and 5 times higher than you would normally get for the same job in the private sector (like 75% tax in France?) it’s their prime goal and sole reason for existence.

    My plan will make an end to the “rock star” status and absurd salaries and security needs for all these un-chosen clowns, like Barosso, Van Rompuy, Ashdown, Rehn, Lagarde, Bernanke and the other 80.000 servants.

    People who fly around in corporate jets for 60.000 euro per hour, sleep in hotels for 5000 a night and give away 7 million per year on “representation gifts” (Barosso) as well as give themselves the Nobel Price for “Piece” (whilst being involved in several wars and therefore the cheapest PR stunt I think has ever been shown on the internet so far). And to make it worse, in the midst of the crisis they sent 5 billion euros to Egypt to buy European arms but have NO money for the Greeks. They have to sell off their state properties (Greek harbors worth 18 billion, sold by the troika for less than 1,8 billion to private bankers) for pennies to the pound and are now in foreign hands and the Greeks lost a valuable income source and a lot of jobs.

    The EU also simply bent their own rules and step over their own laws that they have singed off themselves. “ This rule can not and will not be broken and is written in marble”. Like the rule that each country is en will be held reliable for its own debts and there would never ever be a bailout or euro bonds (what a farce, they are both already there and the ECB is buying fake debt like crazy to push us even into deeper debt!)

    When we go back to national currencies and write off all debt, The whole Euro project can finally be sent to the dustbin as most of the European citizens clearly want. Millions of protestors in hundreds of cities so don’t say I am talking nonsense. And thanks to the EU austerity pack there is now also a much higher chance for social unrest because the people are becoming desperate and hopeless.

    Not only have they got no money left, there is also no more food or future left, because the bank just confiscated their house which was financed with their own fake money (fractional banking system) and has been payed for 30 times by the time you hand in your last payment.

    Maybe for you and a select few, the Euro is fun, but for millions it is a permanent misery for which they have paid there whole working lives 30 to 50% tax. Lets get rid of this EU-circus and the real clowns and comedians and give us back our future and our right to govern ourselves.

    The world wide politicians are marionettes from the private bankers (Rockefeller, Rothchild, Morgan, Goldmann, Sachs and a few more who pressed this money Ponzi scheme upon us in 1913).

    The bankers are in charge of an evil fairytale that is based on lies (money) misconception (Iraq, September 11, the Tonkin incident), slavery, (debt out of nothing) and ruling and destroying the world for money like BP in Mexico, Monsanto or Big Pharma companies, that sell leathal pills and they get away with it. They pay a few billion Mickey Mouse dollars and that was it case closed.

    Normal people already go to jail if they don’t pay there parking tickets and Mr. DSK pays six million and walks away from a rape case and his successor Mrs. Lagarde is still under charge of embezzling close to a billion euro when she was a French minister. She pays no tax, gets 800.000+ dollars a year and calls the Greeks lazy bastards that should be held responsible for the crisis and who now finally should start paying their taxes….? Something doesn’t add up here.

    The ruling class are getting immensely well paid and have limitless privileges, can not be held responsible or brought to justice. They live in unseen luxury and outside the real world.

    Wasn’t it the unelected Goldman Sachs puppet Mario Monti, who took over the Italian Government in 2012 with the words that the social security as we have known it was not longer possible? Then how can he say with dry eyes, that the Euro brought us prosperity?

    How does plan B (ending the crisis) works?

    The state issues out a new currency and each individual (also when you were deep in debt) will get an average year salary (say 30.000 state Marks) to start with. So all private persons are secured and this should be the same as about 30.000 euro is today. People who worked hard and are rich, will get more but in relation to their previous wealth and up to a maximum say 1.000.000 euro (30 times average year salary max).

    All businesses and corporations will be nationalized and put under state control and should become 100% transparent to avoid them from doing harm to the environment or to politics by lobbyists.

    Sorry but, all real estate that other people or foreign companies owned in a country will be nationalized. Only if you can prove that it is yours and that you have earned it honestly you are allowed to keep it but there is a limit on how many houses you can own (2, 3 or 4, decidable by internet referendum).
    To achieve this, we also suggest (as the 5 star movement) free broadband internet for everybody world wide. Our goal should be to eliminate worldwide illiteracy within a decade. This will give everybody a fair change on education and access to knowledge. People also need internet to follow and understand the politics and be able to bring out their votes in binding referenda.

    There will be live internet “Tribunals” in which the guilty ones will not be killed (that would be to far too simple and more a reward than a punishment) so they will be completely stripped of all there wealth and possessions (boats, houses, cars, jewelry, race horses, private jets, private islands or private volcanoes). The money they have accumulated and even the gold, platinum or silver they can keep, since that will be worthless anyway and then we can also stop mining It, which is extremely polluting and poisonous and causes a kind of biological genocide in nature and to the earth..

    So this is my solution to all the debt crisis in the world. And NO, I don’t need the reward. Not only because the 250.000 pound is a disgrace to offer as an reward but also because it will be worthless soon anyway.

    Since I give you my advise for free, I assume that you have no problem with the fact that I took the liberty to sent it around the world to a few big news papers, forums and a few friends like Beppe Grillo , Nigel Farage and the movement of Mr. Assange.

    These Euro heroes are amongst the only few in parliament who really understand the size of this financial genocide and the grand theft and slavery the FED/ECB elite is trying to bring over us.

    We must stop it now, this absurd and fake euro “banking save” operation at the expense of real lives and people Come on guys. Sorry, but the game is over so stop crying and lets just face it and start all over.

    Only this time we (the nation and its people) will print our own money. We demand honest and fair rules (with referenda) that are based upon internet, democracy, reality and common sense and not upon greed, lies and stolen wealth and inflation.

    All the best and good luck in the future.

    Kind Regards and I hope we are getting our currency control back.

    Adam Onesto (47)

    PS. Every country that wants their money back, we will sent a shipment of wood pulp, and a few containers with printing ink and cotton, so they can make their own “Mickey Mouse” money and they will be getting back, what they gave us, fake paper bills. We can also sent them an full memory stick, so they have back their digital zeroes and ones, that went lost in the computers after this solution has been implemented.

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  7. De man met zijn armen omhoog, dat zijn wij. Cyprus komt niet op het plaatje voor, die verzetten zich tenminste.

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