Nog 4 dagen dat er in Zwitserland een belangrijk besluit wordt bepaald over de toekomst van de Zwitserse Frank. Een besluit dat grote wereldwijde gevolgen kan hebben voor de Vrijheid. Het is een besluit dat bepaalt of politici gewoon door kunnen gaan met het knoeien met geld of dat er een begin gemaakt wordt met geld te koppelen aan goud waardoor het stabieler wordt en de geldontwaarding wordt afgeremd.*****
Buiten Zwitserland is er niet veel meer dat iemand kan doen. Ik denk dat donaties niet meer op tijd aankomen om publiciteit te maken. Hoogstens kunnen Zwitserse relaties benaderd worden en gestimuleerd om toch vooral “JA”  te stemmen! 

Vandaag ontvingen we nog een (Engels) artikel dat op excellente manier aangeeft hoe groot het belang is.
Nu geen tijd meer om te vertalen, maar het zo wel bijzonder nuttig om het aan uw Zwitserse relaties toe te sturen.


How Would You Feel, as a Swiss or German citizen, if You’d Witnessed This?

Emergency Post! from      The Wealth Watchman: 

Hello, brothers, I’m sitting here writing an article, when I hadn’t intended on posting anything for several more days, yet I must!(I just can’t help myself!) Something big has just happened, and its potential ramifications are staggering, not just for the gold and silver community, but for entire world financial system.

Today comes the surprise announcement that the Dutch National Bank, has just finished repatriating 122 tonnes of gold from the New York Federal Reserve!

This is unreal, and not for the reason many are thinking.

Now, this is a fairly shocking thing, because, as we know that for several years now, Germany has been begging, “pretty please, can we have a few scraps of our gold back” to the exact same group of Fed bankers, only to be told:
You can’t even see the gold, it isn’t safe!”
Wellllllll, you can have some back, I guess, so long as you give us 7 full years to return just 300 tonnes on deposit.
“What do you mean those aren’t the bars you deposited with us? Gold is gold, isn’t it?”
Why the long face, you got a whole 5 tonnes back this year, didn’t ya?

Germany, the largest powerhouse economy in all the Olde World, has tried and tried, for several years to get the bullion back, much of it to no avail!
Yet, it turns out that all that time, others were moseying on up to the front of the line to get their gold first, incognito, like the Netherlands!
Now, shield brother, ask yourself this:

If you were a German citizen, already livid that your government couldn’t seem to get anything repatriated from the New York Fed but annoying excuses as to why you couldn’t get ahold of your sovereign gold….how would you feel if you’d been hit with that surprise announcement today that the Dutch authorities had successfully shipped in tonnage in the same ballpark as yours, virtually overnight?

How would you feel hearing that others had massive gold shipments made, easy peasy, with no “logistical problems” to speak of?
Would you continue to buy those poorly-conceived excuses any longer from the New York Fed or from your own representatives?
Not a snowball’s chance in your grandmama’s deep-frier!
You’d crank up the pressure on your elected representatives in the Bundestag, until those boys felt the fire!

You’d demand to know why others instantly received their bullion, while you were rudely told that your gold request could “wait in the lobby”, and go unfulfilled for nearly a decade!
You’d hound them to kingdom come, knowing that you were rightfully in line first, and yet had been treated as a 3rd rate power, rather than the backbone of the E.U., who’d lent out many hundreds of tonnes of gold, in good faith!

What about the Swiss?
Let’s take it a step further: what if you were a Swiss citizen, being bombarded by bankster propaganda, day in and day out, for weeks, leading up to your historic referendum to repatriate your gold from the central banks of the world?

Remember, all of the Swiss, are right now the recipients of a propaganda bombardment campaign, courtesy of the Western banking elites, who are terrified of the prospect of having to ask for 1,500 rehypothecated tonnes of gold! They know that gold will have to be bought on the open market, and they know what that means for the gold and silver price suppression scheme!

——The Swiss are being told that repatriating the gold would likely result in turbulence for the Swiss Franc.
—–They’re being told that bringing the gold back is uneconomical.
—–They’re being told that bringing the gold back is a step backwards, into archaic, disproven monetary and economic theories!
—–They’re being told that bringing the gold back would create enormous currency problems for greater Europe as a whole.

Banksters are literally trying to sell the Swiss on the narrative, that if they greenlight the repatriation, a regular GOLD’MAGEDDON would commence in T-minus,



Honestly, that’s the exact impression you get from these spineless people!

It’s beyond the pale.



  1. Hier is er nog een (van Global Research)

    The Dutch central bank said Friday it is repatriating some of its gold reserves from the U.S., making it the latest central bank in Europe to address public concerns about the safety of its gold in the wake of the eurozone debt crisis. tons

    As the debate regarding whether or not Switzerland should keep the bulk of its gold reserves at home on Swiss soil reaches it’s climax – the referendum takes place on Sunday – it is telling that the Dutch announced on Friday that they have just secretly repatriated 122 tonnes of their sovereign gold reserves from New York back to Amsterdam.

    The gold, worth $5 billion at today’s prices, represents 20% of the Netherlands total reserves. It now keeps 31% of its reserves in Amsterdam. Another 31% is believed to be in New York, with the remainder spread between Ottawa and London – the same locations where the bulk of Swiss gold is purported to be stored.

    The trend towards gold repatriation began with Hugo Chavez bringing Venezuelan gold back to Caracas in 2011. It has been followed by similar moves by other large gold owning nations and central banks, most notably, Germany.

    The repatriation movement has been driven by suspicion that the Federal Reserve and other central banks may have leased or sold gold it was holding on behalf of other countries to bullion banks and that this gold may have been used in order to suppress the price of gold in recent years.

    Bizarrely, the Federal Reserve’s gold holdings have not been audited in over 50 years.

    The last audit, and the last public visit, was in 1953, just after U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower took office. No outside experts were allowed during that audit, and the audit team tested only about 5% of gold there. So, there hasn’t been a comprehensive audit of Fort Knox in over 60 years.

    stacks of gold

    Demands for gold repatriation also accelerated after the Lehman collapse and during the global financial crisis due to concerns that if the U.S. and world suffered a systemic collapse or a dollar crisis , nations may find it hard to secure their gold reserves.

    The concern was that a desperate Fed could nationalise international gold reserves in order to prevent a dollar collapse or to rebuild confidence in the dollar after a currency crisis.

    It is interesting to note that while some western economists, such as Paul Krugman, continue to denigrate gold, western central banks, do not appear to view gold as a “barbarous relic.” Nor do their eastern counterparts and their Chinese counterparts many of whom have been quietly reducing their dollar, euro and pound foreign exchange reserves and adding to their gold reserves in recent years.

    The Dutch Central Bank went so far as to state that the action was designed to install public confidence in the ability of the central bank to manage crises. The prospect of further shipments from the U.S. remains open as they are keeping the logistical details secret.

    Questions are already being asked about how the Dutch were able to repatriate such a sizeable volume of gold when Germany’s request was brushed aside. It may be that by taking a discreet approach the Dutch allowed the Federal Reserve room to manoeuvre – allowing them to harvest the metal from the open market. Skeptical analysts have suggested that the fall in the ETF gold holdings may have come in handy for the New York Federal Reserve.

    Questions are also being asked about the faith of the Ukrainian gold reserves after the gold disappeared from the Ukraine’s central bank soon after the U.S. sponsored coup brought the new government to power.

    The Dutch clearly view gold favourably as an important monetary asset and they also have demonstrated their belief that owning gold in a secure manner is of utmost importance.

    Although the German Central Bank has stated that it trusts the Americans as custodians of it’s gold reserves – despite being denied access to vaults in New York to view their own gold – the campaign for repatriation of Germany’s gold remains strong.

    Whether the Swiss gold initiative passes or fails this weekend it is still worth noting that a very large minority of Swiss are very conscious of the role that gold plays particularly in times of crisis.

    During the reformation in Europe it was in these three countries – Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands – that independent thought flourished. Populations globally have been “dumbed down” in recent years but these nations still have a high level of public discourse and debate and the importance of prudence, saving, thrift and gold remains understood by many.

    We believe that other central banks may have already quietly sought or indeed will seek repatriation of their gold from New York, Ottawa and London. This has the potential to create a short squeeze as central banks may be forced to enter the market to acquire the physical bullion that they thought they already owned.

    If these custodians are not in possession of the gold they claim to hold they, too, will be forced to buy gold on the open market where supply is now extremely tight as seen in gold remaining in backwardation.

    We believe, like the Dutch, that only gold bullion in your possession or allocated gold stored in secure locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Zuric

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  2. @Jan [1]:
    Mooi Jan. Ook weer een goed stuk dat inzicht verschaft.
    Ik zal mijn Zwitserse vrienden ook hier op wijzen.
    Ik hoop at zij er nog iets aan hebben om het referendum verder te brengen.

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