1. Free speech that reaches out is virtually impossible. You can say most all you want, but all de ways to comunnicate are censored. Writing something that does not conform to politically correct items will simply not be published so the majority of people cn read and think. So free speech is a false thought, a wet thumb babies stop crying when put in their mouth, freedom of speech is a dummy tit.
    But who says we need to use te path the government or the news agencies offer? And what if we just sent dots too all of the newspapers. For they arethe tool of opression, the govenment needs them the most to keep doing what they do. How does one call the helper of a thief? Also Thief. Well, that s what it is, thieves who give you fredom of spech you can do nothing with because they decide if it is in their intrest to publish…..and freedom never is a good for dictators and their followers.
    So see your enemy for who he is: it is the free press that holds the power that keeps the pigs feeding….

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