Voetbal_subsidieWat doen we? irak culmineert naar richting Taliban.en als die slagen met hun gruwelijke plannen en methodes dan heeft het  “Westen” wel heel erg gefaald. *****
Maar nog erger is de vraag wat er daarna gaat gebeuren?

Sorry dat ik in deze voetbaljubel met een dergelijk ernstig onderwerp kom!!

Ik kan alleen maar hopen dat velen van u tijdig wakker worden en na het genieten van het miljarden kostende balspel weer gaan beseffen hoe gevaarlijk de huidige ontwikkelingen zijn.

Mogelijk kan een stukje van Ron Paul daar behulpzaam bij zijn:
(met nog een paar newesletterstukjes die in die richting praten)

Ron Paul Slams Obama’s Policy on Iraq
By Russia Today June 14, 2014
Former congressman Ron Paul is attributing the current crisis in Iraq to failed American foreign policy and warns the worse has yet to come.
In a video statement posted to the Ron Paul Channel website on Thursday, the former representative for Texas and three-time presidential hopeful blamed decades of policy decisions made by both the right and the left for situation in Iraq, where Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants have seized no fewer than two major cities in the country’s northern region this week.

“But the real irony here is that Iraq had no Al-Qaeda in it when we went into Iraq, because right after 9/11 a story was concocted and based on lies and misinformation that Al-Qaeda was in Iraq, that there was weapons of mass destruction — all those things that motivated the people and the propaganda to get the support, and Congress went along with it and started spending all that money,” Paul said.
More than a decade later, the ex-lawmaker added, the repercussions are still being seen. Military aid and other supplies have been provided to the Iraqi people since the US first became involved, he said, and now weapons and even helicopters have fallen into the hands of rebel fighters — the same forces that the US is considering attacking, President Barack Obama acknowledged this week.

“Not only did they pick up a lot of weapons and guns and equipment, but they end up getting Black Hawk helicopters. And this is money that the taxpayers paid and we gave it to the Iraqis. They were supposed to be trained in taking care of and protecting their country, and here the Al-Qaeda is taking over the country,”Paul said in the 11-minute video uploaded to his site this week.

Elsewhere in the clip — aptly titled American Foreign Policy in Iraq is ‘Ridiculous’ — Paul condemned what has become standard practice for the US as being “stupid” and “dumb.”
“There is an alternative to this,” he said. “We don’t have to continue to do the dumb things that have been done for so long. It’s time that we just rised up [sic], used good policy and came to our sense. So in that sense, there is always a chance that things will get much better. But I think the American people ought to realize how bad things are. How much worse they are, tragically, before we even went into Iraq.”
Paul’s latest remarks come just days after he spoke out against American foreign policy in an op-edpublished on his website in response to a recent speech delivered by Obama at West Point military academy.

“President Obama spoke at length about the US role in promoting democracy around the world, but why does it seem that the US government only recognizes elections as free and fair when the US-favored candidate wins?” he asked.
“There is much to disappoint in Obama’s big foreign policy speech. It represents a continuation of the policy of ‘do what we say and we will subsidize you, disobey us and we will bomb you.’”

On Thursday this week, Pres. Obama told reporters that he had not rule out any options with regards to the escalating crisis in Iraq, and Baghdad has requested that the White House authorize military assistance by way of airstrikes. Later in the day, outgoing press secretary Jay Carney said the administration was not considering a boots-on-the-ground option.
“The odds of troops going in there are still pretty slim, although I don’t consider that an impossibility,” Paul added during his own address.

===================== .Niet alleen Ron Paul:

Iraq falling? Now what?
by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

Iraq is on the verge of falling; and the greatest mistake anyone could make is to underestimate the consequences.
IF it were falling to freedom fighters, right-wing generals or even leftist guerillas, it wouldn’t be so shocking. We’ve been there, seen that — we’d know how to deal with it somehow. But …
That’s not what we have in Iraq today. They are terrorists. They are — or were — Al-Qaeda. In fact, they’re so radically extreme, so vicious, so uncontrollable, even Al-Qaeda itself has cut off all ties.
IF this group — the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — were just a typical terrorist organization, operating in small splinter cells, planning random attacks on isolated targets, we’d know how to deal with that as well. But …

That’s not who they are. They’re an army. They’re sweeping Iraq in a blistering blitzkrieg. They’re snowballing in size, gathering thousands of Iraqi army defectors and militants into their fold. They’re taking over government army bases, arms depots, refineries, power stations, big cities, even entire provinces.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. As commander of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, he is now widely viewed as the “rising star” of global jihad.
Or, IF Iraq were a small, inconsequential country, maybe we could just write it off. But …
That couldn’t be further from the facts. Iraq is the most populous Arab nation in the Persian Gulf region, the second biggest in area, and also the second largest in terms of oil reserves.
IF Iraq were disconnected from U.S. history and destiny, maybe our government could find a way to ignore it. But, again …
Nothing could be further from the truth. The U.S. has spent close to $800 billion in direct wartime efforts in the region, will have spent nearly $1 trillion in war-related veterans benefits, plus trillions more in interest and other costs. The grand total, according to a recent Brown University study? Close to $6 trillion, or sixty times more than Washington’s cost estimate announced just before the Iraq war began.

Or, if we could just put the past behind us and move on, that might be an escape of some kind. But …
Sorry — not possible. If Iraq falls, it’s bound to set off a chain of events that chops up our foreign policy, ricochets through time and impacts nearly everything we do, or plan to do.
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All this raises urgent questions, many of which you are already asking me:
How could the United States save or win back Iraq?
Only with extremely undesirable tactics and consequences!
The U.S. government and military would have to do things that are so unthinkable, only a certifiably insane White House would even consider them …

It would have to accept the just-announced, desperate request from Iraq Prime Minister Maliki — to launch U.S. air strikes against his own people, just as Syrian President Assad has done against his.
It would have to coordinate closely with the hated Assad regime — for the simple reason that he’s currently fighting against precisely the same enemy.
It would even have to enlist the allegiance of Shiite Iran, the only big power in the region that’s actually very close to the Shiite regime in Iraq.
And in the process, it would have to force Iran’s sworn Sunni enemy, Saudi Arabia, to cut off all ties with Washington, or worse.
None of this is likely to go forward. Even baby steps in these directions would be blocked at the pass or lead to immediate disaster.

What happens if the U.S. lets Iraq fall?
I don’t even want to think about the answers. No one does. But we must. So let’s at least consider the obvious:
First, a deafening rally cry of “great historic victory” by all anti-American forces in the region, injecting new vigor into their quest to take Lebanon … topple regimes on the Arabian Peninsula … return to power in Afghanistan … conquer most of North Africa … and, worst of all, rule nuclear-powered Pakistan.
Second, the biggest U.S. foreign policy disaster since Vietnam, dealing a severe blow to U.S. credibility, hegemony, and influence — not just in the Middle East, but also in Eastern Europe and the Pacific … not only with potential adversaries, but also among close allies in Western Europe and Latin America.

Click for larger version

Blue areas — Western-style democracies. Orange — former cold-war adversaries and their allies. Red: terror and failed states. Gray — mostly neutral, for now.
Third, a power shift in the new cold war. As my maps demonstrated here last month, the old cold-war divide between East and West has again burst onto the scene, with new fault lines appearing very near where the old ones were before.
And now, if the U.S. loses Iraq, it automatically emboldens China and Russia.
Fourth, economic consequences — a new bull market in gold, rising oil prices and more.
Here, though, there’s also room for optimism: Thankfully, the U.S. is far less dependent on Iraqi oil, OPEC oil — or any imported oil for that matter — than it was in the past. Already, select oil companies have benefited tremendously. And already, smart investors are making money hand over fist.
More on this very positive trend— and how you can profit from it — coming soon. Stay tuned!
Good luck and God bless!


  1. Oh wat een pracht symboliek zit er in dit verhaaltje.
    “wie desert wind zaait zat desert storm oogsten”
    “Ieder volk krijgt de leider die het verdient”
    maar dit terzijde laten we terug keren naar
    “brood en spelen en gas op de plank”

  2. Ik ben eigenlijk wel benieuwd naar wanneer dit soort (a la Iraq) cultuurverrijkend geweld naar de Europese steden komt. En hoe de PvdA’s van Europa het zullen goedpraten…
    Genoeg tuig uit Europa dat bij ISIS in de leer is geweest en weer terugkomt of -gekomen is. Gaan die nu braaf thee drinken op een uitkering van de sociale dienst?

    Hub Jongen [3] reageerde op deze reactie.

  3. @Naam * [2]:
    Mijn nadenken over wat we kunnen DOEN blijft steeds stoppen bij EDUCATIE:
    Licht voor en verklaar het libertarisme, het NAP.
    Pas als voldoende mensen dit kennen en willen, kunnen we meer doen
    Wat zijn goede manieren om het NAP te verspreiden?
    Wat kun, wil jij doen?

  4. ISIS blijkt een rücksichtloze beweging te zijn. De eerste massa executie beelden door ISIS zijn inmiddels al over de wereld verspreid. Dit is dus vanaf dag 1 al totale oorlog waar bewust wordt gemikt op burgerslachtoffers en totale onderwerping van diegenen die het overleven. Dus het type oorlog waarbij totalitaire staten zijn betrokken.

    Iran is inmiddels al binnengevallen in Irak, al dan niet op uitnodiging, maar ze gaan in ieder geval “helpen” daar. Amerika is duidelijk te krap bij kas om zich daar flink tegenaan te bemoeien dus we gaan nu denk ik eens een voorproefje krijgen van hoe een conflict aldaar verloopt stel dat Amerika isolationistisch zou zijn d.w.z. zich gedraagt zoals Tea Party e.d. dat zo graag zouden zien maar dan met dát verschil dat Amerika door zijn toenemende socialistische gedrag te arm is om oorlog te voeren. Dus een toekijkende pseudo communist zeg maar.

  5. Wat te doen als je dit stuk samen met het artikel Prpopaganda hebt gelezen? Het NAP verbreiden of je baard laten staan en je bij de ISIS melden?

  6. Het is één grote leugen en een heel slechte in elkaar geflanste biljoenen kostende Hollywood B-movie met echte lijken. Een inside job met false flag aanvallen met een alsmaar verspreidende bloedvlek onder de noemer Arabische lente (= het aanbidden van de hel).

    CIA/USA = 9/11 = Al Qaida = ISIS = Olie/macht/geld = totale waanzin

    Het is een mondiale corruptie- en moordspel aangewakkerd door de USA en zijn medespelers Koeweit, Qatar, and Saoedi Arabië waarbij een miljarden kostende voetbalspel die mensen dakloos en broodloos maakt (= ook grote en ongehoord grove schending van mensenrechten) maar een lachertje vergeleken bij de ellende die de Cabal over iedereen uitstrooit en dat wereldwijd.

    Van mij mogen ze de rotting en dezelfde ellende krijgen, al die mensen die menen ongestraft ellende na/op ellende te kunnen brengen en menen dat zij het recht hebben om dood en verderf te zaaien in alle uithoeken van de wereld.

    Wij zijn al verloren en daarom vallen hier geen doden, wij hebben ons overgegeven aan de macht van de oorlogsindustrie en de zionistische centrale banken. (= zionisten en puissant rijke meelopers met aanhangsels van christelijke/carrière makende onderdanige politici) Daarom hebben wij geen macht meer over ons leven, geld, gezondheid en vrijheid. Wij zijn slaven omdat we achterlijke gladiolen zijn die niet verder willen kijken dan een voetbal en niet willen zien welk grote corruptie en ellende brengende troep zit achter al dat zogenaamde moois. ….Brood en spelen en slaven/vazallen de onderdanigen die kruipen voor hun broodheren en religieuze/ideologische (leer)meesters, vandaar dat de weg open ligt naar een nieuwe wereldoorlog die reeds is begonnen.

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