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  1. The Great Reset en Build Back Better werden in 1996 al voorspeld:

    “We stand on the brink of Armageddon. Diseases for which we have no cure. Fundamentalist states who call for our destruction. Nuclear powers over which we have no control.

    Even if we navigate these dangerous waters, we face other even more inevitable threats. Global warming will melt the polar icecaps within 80 years flooding 90 percent of all habitable areas on Earth. Unchecked population growth will overtake food production within 50 years, leading to famine and war. This is not conjecture, this is fact. One way or another, our world is coming to an end.

    Now the question is, will we end with it? I propose that we end the world but on our terms. An orchestrated Apocalyps. One that will cleanse the Earth of it’s population but will leave it’s infrastructure and resources intact.

    It’s been done once before with great success. The chosen few will ride out the storm. Not in an Arc as in the Book of Genesis, but in safety underground. And when it’s over we will emerge onto a cleansed Earth, one that we can then reboot in our image.

    The means of our salvation are already at hand. I give to you the T-virus”

    ~ Dr Isaacs (Umbrella Corporation)

    Het pakt echter anders uit als gepland (Wet van Murphy 😁) :
    “We’re going to be trapped underground for decades?!”

  2. Betreft punt 10 zie ik ook voordelen.
    Wie wil er nou niet dat zijn schoonmoeder nota bene de spuit vrijwillig neemt ?

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